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Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation

Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy

As you are reading this already, perhaps you have started to think about your baby’s birth and are looking for something that really works for birth preparation and helping to give your little one the very best start?

Maybe you are looking for something that’s been tried and tested by thousands of women including royalty and celebrities across the world?

Perhaps you are looking for the most comprehensive and evidence-based preparation course which is going to be flexible and tailored for you and your partner and is run by someone with a wealth of birthing experience and a Midwifery background?

Welcome, you are in good hands!

I provide complete antenatal courses combined with hypnobirthing which will prepare you fully for childbirth and parenthood. I am trained by KGHypnobirthing which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and use a range of methods and techniques which are easy to follow, logical and profound.

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What is Hypnobirthing?


Birth for all mammals around the world is instinctive, like breathing or walking once we master it. Feelings like fear, worry and anxiety can be overwhelming however if you are fighting your natural instincts and a fight, flight or freeze reaction takes over.

That is why we need to take this power back into our hands and let go of fears and replace them with relaxation, calmness and peacefulness. Therefore, Hypnobirthing was created, to help you and your baby have the best start possible.

In a nutshell, hypnobirthing is using mind over matter during pregnancy and birth to stimulate a serene, calmer and smoother experience of birth. It gives you wonderful and easy to learn tools to achieve the best birth possible for you, no matter what type of birth you may have.

Hypnotherapy can be used during birth in dual way. First, we use it to learn how to lower our arousal state, our nervousness and anxieties by getting into deep state of relaxation and this is the best and optimal way for our bodies and brain to be at birth. You will not be asleep or unconscious, but on the contrary you will be fully alert, fully relaxed and in control.

Secondly, hypnotherapy is used in the more traditional way by releasing fear, worries, anxieties, tension and other negative emotions that we might have about birth and beyond and build positive attitudes with confidence that our bodies are designed for this amazing time.

Birth free of fear can be the most wonderful, empowering event of your life. Hypnobirthing for your baby can be drug free if you choose to, where your baby can come to this world unhurried, calm and alert, greeted by mum who is serene, peaceful yet confident. Mother and baby are full of love ready to start this special relationship in the best possible way. By birthing this way, you will find that whatever your birthing journey is you will experience it in most positive and special way for you, your baby and your partner.

Is Hypnobirthing right for you?

At Birth Therapies I focus on supporting you to achieve the birth you want, whatever that might be.

  • Do you like to feel in control of things so that you can increase the chance of a positive outcome in your day to day life?

  • Does thinking about birth makes you feel tense, anxious or scared?

  • Have you experienced a traumatic event connected to pregnancy or difficult previous birth?

  • Have you had a previous surgical birth (C-section) and would like to try vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)

  • Do you dream of a natural birth, with no unnecessary interventions and few or no painkillers (e.g. Diamorphine, Pethidine, Epidural or even Entonox)?

  • Are you looking to use and know more about evidence-based techniques for your birth?

  • Are you already using mindfulness in your day to day life and wish to extend this wonderful knowledge to give birth and parent in this way?

  • Would you like to learn ways to change negative thought patterns or behaviours?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, this course is perfect for you and will change your life!

  • What I will gain from the course?
    Knowledge about how a mother’s body is changing in different stages of labour Techniques like breathing, relaxation and mindfulness which you can use on daily basis. Positive mental attitude which changes your experience of pregnancy and birth. You will be surprised and impressed how confident and calm you will feel after attending Hypnobirthing course. Your negative preconceptions or thoughts about pain and stories about birth you may have heard or seen will be released. You may find that your midwife, may not believe you that you are in active labour as you will be so calm and relaxed. You will be trusting your body which has been designed to give birth efficiently, calmly and your body will show you how. You will gain knowledge as to what is important during birth and what is a distraction.
  • What is the course content?
    The perfect system: understanding birth – anatomy & physiology of the pregnant body Power of the mind Active birth skills and positions Relaxation & breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth Gentle massage technique Understanding Birth Options – medical and natural Fear release technique Birth Partners Integral Role Please contact me if you would like more information and a comprehensive teaching plan. “Hypnobithing will allow you to have happier, contented pregnancy and parenthood.”
  • Why choose Birth Therapies?
    Comprehensive packages designed to your specific needs. Birth Preference discussion, guidance and downloads. Bespoke and personalised relaxations that will be recorded and designed to suit your personality characteristics and birth choices. Extra downloads of Hypnobirthing and affirmation tracks. My background as a midwife means you can ask questions that other teachers may struggle to answer. I believe that flexibility, openness and kindness whilst working with couples is the most important in birth preparation. I love when women and partners are owning their decisions and are happy to verbalise their needs, but I am aware that sometimes it’s hard to do this, so I am ready to assist you with whatever you may need.
  • What are the benefits for Mum?
    Enables you to regain control of your mind and body, so you can work with your body mindfully, which is after all designed to give birth naturally. Inspires you to respect your body and tune in to your instincts. Allows you to develop resilience to outside influences during birth. Boost your wellbeing and increase the flow of good endorphins and oxytocin. Develops your inner confidence and self-esteem. Empowers you to make informed choices with midwives and obstetricians. Replaces fear and negativity with a calm confidence. You will have all the tools and resources you need for a good birth. Guides you gently to have more positive, relaxed pregnancy and a comfortable, calm birth. If you attend group course, you will meet like-minded people to stay in touch with post-birth. You are highly likely to experience birth with less discomfort and free from medicalisation. While birthing this way you will bond with baby in a serene and quiet environment you have created using Hypnobirthing techniques. Your oxytocin levels will be undisturbed therefore lactation is improved if you choose to breastfeed. If you need to be induced, you will be able to experience this process calmly and with confidence which allows you to progress quicker and birth easier with fewer interventions. Regardless of birth type, hypnobirthing mothers generally recover quicker and have fewer postnatal complications compared with non-hypnobirthing mothers.
  • What are the benefits for Partner?
    Your partner will have a very important, positive and clear supportive role to play in the birth of your baby. They will have an active role in pregnancy and delivery which can help them build a closer bond with you and baby. They will learn how to support you in a calm and inobtrusive way and how to be your advocate if a problem or misunderstanding arises. This will give them the necessary knowledge to ask your caregivers the right questions ensuring that you both get all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your baby. Your partner will know how to trigger a relaxation response while you are birthing by using words that you will be learning through the preparation for birth with scripts and audio prepared by me. Inspires confidence in a natural birth, even for the most sceptical people! Provides practical tools and techniques to help you relax before and during birth. Your partner will know how to increase the oxytocin (love hormone) by using massage, stroking or simply being with hypnobirthing mum in a quiet way. Often protecting birthing “bubble” space is enough to trigger confidence and calmness during birth. Partners can also benefit from relaxation as breathing with mums which helps both feel calm and safe. Your partner will be able to recognise stages of birth easily and will be able to stay focused on you and your baby positively. Your partner will know and feel that they have played a positive role in the birth of your baby through hypnobirthing.
  • What are the benefits for Baby?
    Promotes attachment and bonding. Feeding and latching is generally easily established. Hypno-babies are usually calmer and better sleeping babies (so called “Hypno Effect”). Your baby will be able to relax quicker and have deeper bond with you and your partner. A relaxed and wonderful time inside the mother’s womb. Serene and natural arrival into the world. Often with no drugs in baby’s system, newborns will be born alert and as nature intended. Parents who have been preparing and giving birth together as a team, will be more connected and mindful after baby’s arrival.
  • How have you experienced Hypnobirthing? Did you use it yourself?
    As a Midwife I have witnessed many types of births but observing a hypnobirth and looking after hypnobirthing parents was so profound and enlightening. Those mothers had no fear, birthed actively, some in calmness, some roaring, some danced and bounced through contraction “surges”. Some were swimming in the birth pools and some had beautiful surgical births without noises and overstimulation. They had birthed the way the baby and nature intended for them. All women were unique, but all birthed gently, fearlessly and confidently. All bonded with their babies in their undisturbed birth spaces even though they were in a busy hospital. You could feel the oxytocin flowing though all mothers and babies! I used hypnobirthing along with my husband. It was so transforming that we cannot say how thankful we are for being able to use it. We had two beautiful, undistrubed, calm births, full of love.
  • When is best to start the course?
    It’s advisable to start preparations from 20 weeks onwards for Hypnobirthing to work to it’s fullest. This allows you to practice relaxation and have plenty of time to question things regarding your birth plan and birth preparation. Perhaps you left it to the last minute? You are in good hands. We can arrange a compact bespoke course designed to your needs, focusing on relaxation and fear realising using hypnobirthing techniques, which would lead you into smooth birth transition and parenting.
Group Hypnobirthing and
Birth Preparation Courses

Full Antenatal preparation and Hypnobirthing course £250

  • Live, online courses via Zoom or in person courses, guiding you and your partner through full antenatal, birth preparation and Hypnobirthing.

  • Courses are 4x 2 hour sessions together.

  • Meeting other couples who have similar outlook on birth and parenting as you.

  • Lots of relaxation practical sessions to put the theory in to practice and give you full confidence with your Hypnobirthing journey.

  • Downloads of Hynobirthing tracks.

  • The Hypnobirthing Handbook by Katherine Graves download will be provided free of charge with scripts and techniques with materials to practice at home.

  • All downloads have no expiry date so you can use for pregnancy and beyond or even for future pregnancies.

  • All my wisdom and knowledge of pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

  • Most importantly no weirdness included!!!

To discuss, please contact Magdalena here
Private One to One Hypnobirthing and
Birth Preparation Course

Full Antenatal preparation and Hypnobirthing course with bespoke antenatal treatments and post-natal support in comfort of your own home £350

  • Sessions designed to best suit you, at a time most convenient for you before birth guiding you through the full antenatal, birth and post natal periods.

  • Writing a specified birth preference plan that will be read and followed by your Midwife.

  • Lots of relaxation practical sessions to put the theory in to practice and give you full confidence with your Hypnobirthing journey.

  • Downloads of Hynobirthing tracks.

  • The Hypnobirthing Handbook by Katherine Graves download will be provided free of charge with scripts and techniques with materials to practice at home.

  • All downloads have no expiry date so you can use for pregnancy and beyond or even for future pregnancies.

  • I am also here to assist and to be your advocate for your chosen birth preferences. I am happy to give you guidance on newest research, guidelines, standards and procedures that you may wish to consider and talk through with your healthcare professional, so you can feel fully supported and cared for, the way you want and have good relationship with the medical providers.

  • Complimentary 60 minute session after birth to be used within first 4 weeks after birth. This session can be used by either parent for any questions which arise such as support regarding feeding, sleeping, bathing and care in the so called 4th trimester, or can be used as a confidence building treatment session for parenting or relaxation treatment depending on your needs.

To book, please contact Magdalena here

​Private Hypnobirthing Session for
Induction of Labour

Private Hypnobirthing session for Induction of labour £120

  • This 2 hour session is fully customised for your specific needs via Zoom.

  • Evidence based information of the process of induction of labour.

  • Hypnobirthing session for calmer and smoother induction of labour.

To book, please contact Magdalena here

The techniques and treatments are suitable for most and I need to be aware of previous mental health disorders such as psychosis, paranoia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder before a session. In addition, those with epilepsy would require their GP to confirm that you are fit for the therapy in writing.

Please Note: I will not be able to give you any medical advice regarding your pregnancy or health issues. Please see your midwife or GP.

Group Hypnobirting Workshops
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