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Additional Support and Relaxation
One to one individual consultation: Antenatal

Whether you are looking for some extra support, reassurance or an advocate around your pregnancy and birth choices in Bath and surrounding area, I offer bespoke and private consultations. I feel it is important to listen to you, your story, and your view to be able to advise you effectively on your pregnancy & birth choices.


  • I have wealth of knowledge, skills and experience gathered over 15 years of studying and working in the Midwifery field. I know what options are available to you on the NHS and privately and I am happy to help you understand the “nuances” of maternity care and obstetric care.

  • I can help you start a conversation with your care provider, so they are more likely to be respectful of one’s choices and individual needs.

  • These bespoke one-off consultations can be especially useful for those women and their partners who a need help navigating the system. I can also sign-post you to known to me birth workers such doulas, yoga teachers, osteopaths and physios.

To discuss and book, please contact Magdalena here
One to one individual consultation:

The postnatal period can be emotionally challenging and tiring. Sometimes it’s good to talk to someone who is experienced, kind, knowledgeable and familiar of these many physical, emotional & social changes that can feel overwhelming.  Sometimes we need that third person to diffuse the tension and worries new parents can have.

  • These appointments can be beneficial after you have had your baby, during the postnatal period. Perhaps you would need some guidance or reassurance, breastfeeding support, discussion about your personal care or emotional care.

  • Practical postnatal support and advice could include breastfeeding, tongue tie, expressing, bottle feeding, postnatal questions regarding your body, postnatal and pelvic exercises. Settling your new baby, bathing, changing, umbilical cord care and all other baby and mum related issues you mind find baffling.

  • Perhaps you and your partner would like to discuss your birth and may benefit from debriefing by someone who will not be defensive or judgmental about your experiences.


Additional support: If you feel like you would benefit from ongoing support and contact throughout your pregnancy or after the birth, please contact me so we can discuss bespoke and tailored plan for you.

Please use the contact form below for more information.

To discuss and book, please contact Magdalena here
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