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Mum of two, Birth Trauma client, 2021

I had a traumatic first birth that l found very difficult to process and move on from. A series of unfortunate events and medical interventions, coupled with me feeling out of control and a really hard recovery meant that I was very anxious when I finally fell pregnant with my second child, four years later.

Magdalena was recommended to me by a doula, and I contacted her, really wanting to feel positive going in to birth again, or at least not fearful. 

Magda was very approachable and generous with her time - I never felt rushed with the sessions and found the audio files that she sent me really useful. With her sessions and following her advice on birth preparation methods I felt calm going in to my second birth. 

Interestingly a lot of things in my second birth were the same as my first - I had many of the same medical interventions once again  - however I felt completely differently about it afterwards. I look back on my second birth really positively, I feel good about how it went, how I dealt with it and how I recovered. 

Thank you Magdalena for your birth support, I feel like I'm been able to close the birth chapter in my life in the way I wanted.

Birth trauma client, 2021

I have had counselling for my birth trauma and PTSD before, and although it helped at the time, I've always been drawn back to extremely strong emotions and reliving traumatic parts of my birth when talking or thinking about the smallest birth related things.

I knew when I became pregnant again, that I didn't want to take this burden with me into my next pregnancy and birth.

By the end of the first session with Magdalena, I already felt as if a weight had just been lifted off my shoulders that I had been carrying around with me for so long.


I was a little sceptical at first, as her methods sounded a little "hippy" at first, however they weren't at all. She explained what we were doing and why we were doing it in a way that I responded to. 

She made me feel really at ease within the sessions and the tools\homework she gave me was completely achievable and realistic for myself and my lifestyle. By the end of my third and final session, I felt totally different towards my birth. I haven't forgotten what's happened, nor do I want to, but I feel as if it is a welcomed part of me that I can finally talk about without feelings of deep anxiety and intense sadness that would drag me down. The guilt that I carried which would overwhelm me at times has subsided and I feel lighter for it.

She's a wonderful therapist that I would highly recommend to anyone who has or is suffering from birth trauma.

Ashleigh, mum of three, 2019

Trauma Therapy and Induction with HypnoBirthing Birth Story

I came to Magda during my third pregnancy, after having a traumatic labour resulting in postnatal depression with my second child. I was determined to have a good experience this time around. Upon Magda's assessment at my first visit, she could see that I was also suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, and things really made sense to me from that point. She was so reassuring that we'd sort it out together, and she was right.


After her therapy sessions I can look back on my traumatic birth and understand that it was a horrible time, but I feel completely different about it now. I no longer have flash backs, I no longer feel the need to talk about the trauma daily, and when I do talk about it, I no longer get upset about it. Magda has improved my life with her trauma therapy, and for that I will be forever grateful.


Magda's hypnobirthing training was incredible. She showed me how to be in control of my birth, no matter what direction my birth took. I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy, falling asleep to the tracks Magda provided, and practicing the breathing techniques she'd taught me. I ended up being induced after multiple episodes of reduced movement. I felt empowered to stand up for what I wanted, refused a pessary because I knew it wasn't what I wanted, thus progressing my labour my way. I continued to use the breathing techniques throughout labour and listened to the tracks and my chosen relaxing music. With the suggestion from Magda to use lavender scent during labour, as it's my most relaxing smell, my midwife and husband used lavender massage oil to soothe my contractions.


I went on to have the most empowering, incredible birth. My baby was born into the water as I wished, he was my biggest baby and yet no tear and thus stitches needed, I truly believe the hypnobirthing techniques helped with this.



Magda as a hypnobirthing teacher is not what you'd expect, which is one of her best qualities. She not 'fluffy' she's not the classic 'tree hugger' that most people associate with hypnobirthing, she's realistic, relatable, friendly and welcoming; I sing her praises at every opportunity I can because I truly want other mothers to benefit from her knowledge and expertise.

Isla, mum of two, 2019.

Magda was exactly the right kind of person to help me work through some previous birth trauma when we decided to start trying for our second baby. She was non judgmental, honest, sensitive and kind. Her wealth experience as a midwife as well as with hypnobirthing, meant she was able to help me learn some techniques to cope with my anxieties. These techniques really helped me through my subsequent pregnancy as well as the birth itself.


I feel certain that had it not been for Magda’s expertise, my experience second time round would not have been as calm and positive as it was and I highly recommend her to any parent,  whether they are having their first baby or their fifth baby!

Dhekelia and Charlie, parents of two, 2018

In 2018 I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful @birth_therapies (Magdalena) and we will forever be grateful for her help!

After the extremely traumatic birth of my eldest son in 2014, where medical mistakes put both myself and my son in danger, I was suffering with undiagnosed PTSD. 


I found out early in 2018 that I was unexpectedly pregnant with our youngest son, and it was incredibly difficult for me to feel happy when I was absolutely petrified of having to go through it all again. 

We tried to go to the birth reflections at our hospital, sadly it was not helpful and actually made me feel worse. After this we sought other medical help, by this point I was really struggling. I was diagnosed with PTSD and prenatal anxiety/depression. They told me it would be up to a year before they could help with therapy. By which point I'd have had the baby and it would be too late.

Magdalena was recommended to me by a friend. I had a few sessions with Magdalena, to learn how to relax, process the trauma we had previously been through and she helped us overcome that trauma. 
Before I met with Magdalena, I was convinced something was going to go wrong with the birth.
I'm not great with the terminology but we did breathing exercises that would help me when I panicked (I still use these now!). We did some work that helped me unpack, understand and deal with what had happened through my traumatic birth. 


While the therapy was hard and draining, it genuinely changed everything. 

I still had panicking episodes but I was able to calm myself down using the techniques Magdalena had taught me. 

My husband also had a couple of sessions with Magdalena. It took a little longer for him to be diagnosed with PTSD and he was more reluctant to try the therapy, but he agrees that it was the best thing to do. It helped him to stay calm for me and definitely helped him overcome his fears. 

Using some of the techniques given to us from Magdalena, we had an incredibly calm and enjoyable planned C-section with our youngest son. So calm in fact, that the team commented on how chilled the atmosphere in our room was after the birth.


I was able to successfully breastfeed him, I was able to bond with him properly (which sadly neither were easy with my eldest) and my recovery from the birth was so much faster.

I would highly recommend Magdalena for anyone who has been through any kind of birth trauma or is suffering from anxiety around their birth! 

Claire, mum of one, 2018

Magda was recommended to me after a particularly traumatic birth experience.

I was massively struggling with PTSD and I found Magda to be infinitely warm, genuine and helpful. I was always made to feel at ease and that my story mattered.

As well as a listening ear, Magda gave me practical strategies that I could use at home in order to help me relax.

The time at which I met with Magda was one of the hardest of my life and some of the details and even recollections of the therapy are somewhat cloudy. However, I remember the warmth and genuine care I received from Magda, helping so much. I would not hesitate to recommend her services

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